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Another happy Noredol<sup>®</sup> Cosmetics user

Take care for your health with good taste! LycoLife<sup>®</sup>, the lycopene drink for health and beauty. 100% natural. Refreshing taste of fresh fruits.

Lycopene Drink for Health and Beautiful Complexion


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appearance of skin stressed by age, redness, blemishes and enlarged pores

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NOREDOL® NEWS:   LycoLife® for health and beautiful complexion

LycoLife<sup>®</sup> Lycopene Health Drink presented at Poznan International Fair Polagra 2010           LycoLife®, our lycopene-rich drink produced by the Cinna   Health Products division in Poland (Cinna Produkty Zdrowia Sp. z o.o., ), was presented with great success at the International   Food Product Trade Fair Polagra Food, at the Poznan International Fair.   Visitors, among them doctors and health food specialists looking for   new and breakthrough products, stopped by Cinna's exhibit and   complimented our lycopene drink for the variety of tasty flavors and its   uniqueness on the health product market.
        LycoLife® is a new, revolutionary product with markedly higher lycopene content than in other similar health food products on the market. The LycoLife® recipe was designed in the laboratories of Molecular Research Center Inc., the parent company of Cinna Health Products. Thanks to the high lycopene content, LycoLife® is an excellent natural diet supplement for all who care about their health, value a healthy and active life style, are involved in sports activities, as well as those who might be vulnerable to serious health problems like cancer, heart conditions, atherosclerosis or osteoporosis (for more info about lycopene health benefits, and LycoLife® drink, please visit, choose English version).
       LycoLife® also helps to keep the skin young and beautiful. Thanks to the exceptionally high content of bio-available lycopene, the strongest natural antioxidant with a variety of health benefits, LycoLife® can be a delicious addition to everyday skin care. It was found that lycopene-rich products consumed regularly in an everyday diet protect the skin from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays and skin aging. Sun-induced skin redness, a first sign of sun damage to the skin, is less in persons who enrich their diet with an extra portion of lycopene. The reduced skin redness is directly related to lycopene, as it is accompanied by markedly increased levels of lycopene in the blood and skin observed after regular consumption of lycopene-rich processed tomato products. As such, a lycopene enriched diet supports the skin’s natural barrier against UV light and by doing so acts as an effective and natural everyday protection against the sun’s damaging effects on the skin’s health and appearance.
        LycoLife® perfectly enriches the diet, as one bottle of our drink per day delivers as much as 30 mg of lycopene, the amount recommended as a daily dose by clinicians and health food specialists. For that daily dosage of lycopene, you would have to eat 2 pounds (1 kilogram) of fresh tomatoes or munch on 6 pounds (3 kilograms) of raw carrots!
        LycoLife® is now available in Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. We are working to distribute LycoLife® in the United States.

Favorite New Quotes:

“Love your product. It helped my skin clear up blemishes and redness.“

 Carina,  Sheffield,  MA

“I’ve been using Noredol for about a year now and my rosacea has improved substantially with much less inflammation. My skin is also noticeably smoother. Keep making this wonderful product!!“

 Marilyn,  San Francisco,  CA

“I have just returned from a one and a half months trip to the tropics. During the trip I used Noredol successfully to treat mosquito bites and sunburn. I am really satisfied with Noredol and would like to order more.   Best regards.“

 Lucia,  Germany

Noredol® Cosmetics are designed to improve the appearance of sensitive skin and skin affected with redness, blemishes, irritations or age.
They do not cure, alleviate or prevent any skin disease.

Our complexion tells about us




The Clear Skin Diet
By Alan C. Logan and Valori Treloar
Cumberland House, 2007
ISBN: 1581825749

The Healthy Skin Diet
By Karen Fischer
Rodale UK, 2009
ISBN: 1905744501

Cooking Well: Beautiful Skin: Over 75 Antioxidant-Rich Recipes for Glowing Skin
By Elizabeth TenHouten
St. Martin's Press, 2011
ISBN: 0312630778



(Cinna Health Products does not endorse books or authors listed in the BOOKS.)


                             Our complexion is a source of information about us

Most of the time, it takes a quick glance, and just a few seconds to begin a new acquaintance, and during the conversation eye contact is just as important as words. Therefore, when we meet someone for first time, the skin can instantly communicate the most personal information, and it is the skin’s appearance that makes the first impression and affects first opinions about us.

As the skin plays such decisive role as a powerful communicator, improving the appearance of our skin is as important for our confidence and wellbeing as getting rid of pain, itching and other unpleasant skin symptoms or signs of skin aging. Visiting a dermatologist is obviously very important and often necessary for keeping the skin in good health. For everyday care, however, one of the most important factors in keeping an appealing complexion is to avoid triggers that may cause or aggravate unwanted skin problems (about triggers, and how to control them read in Noredol® News No.7, No.8, No.9 , Noredol® News Archives, and in our Noredol® News Face Time publications on food and skin in rosacea and in acne). This is especially true for sensitive and over-reactive skin types. For example in rosacea, a skin condition that affects about 13 million people in the U.S. only, recurrent flare-ups of symptoms are triggered by some foods and drinks or the surrounding environment and weather factors. Those, who recognize their personal triggers and remember to avoid them can improve the health and appearance of their skin, and consequently limit or even stop the progression of the condition.

One of the strongest triggers affecting skin appearance is the sun. We all know from personal experience as well as from clinical studies that protection from the sun not only reduces the chances of skin cancer but also can delay the appearance of wrinkles and skin aging. However, for people with sensitive and over-reactive skin, like in rosacea, the sun represents an additional danger as the sun's rays are one of the strongest triggers of skin redness and skin flare ups, the most typical symptoms of rosacea skin condition.

The recommendation to avoid the sun as a way of improving skin appearance would not be practical, and would not be good health advice. One example of our dependence on the sun is that our body’s vitamin D needs to be activated by UV light through contact of the skin with sunlight. Therefore, limiting contact with the sunlight can bring about a deficiency of active vitamin D, with all the unpleasant consequences for general health. To balance good appearance of the skin with healthy levels of vitamin D, one must not only limit direct contact with the sunlight by wearing proper clothes and headgear, but also always remember to use efficient sun-blockers. It is also necessary to ensure that a healthy level of vitamin D is balanced by a vitamin D supplement to compensate for any deficiency of active vitamin D that might result from avoiding the sun.

And if you happen to have unpleasant contact with the sun, our gel Noredol® will help remove the redness and irritation of the skin, and save your complexion from being ruined. As a daily cosmetic designed for demanding, over-reactive skin, especially skin with symptoms like in rosacea or acne, Noredol® perfectly calms hypersensitive skin, reduces redness and skin irritation, and helps keep the skin’s healthy and beautifully youthful appearance.

What's more, women will especially appreciate that Noredol® gel is instantly and completely absorbed by the skin. As it leaves no traces after use, Noredol® will not prevent the application of or ruin makeup, and there will be no need for any change in your everyday personal beauty routine while using it. This property of fantastic instant and complete absorption of Noredol® gel will certainly be appreciated also by men in their daily skin care.

Noredol® helps cool down skin with  redness from sun exposure.


Our Noredol® Cosmetics help me improve the appearance of my rosacea skin at the time of flare-ups, and the benefits of Noredol® skin care expand so that flare-ups are kept under good control.
Sincerely yours,

Dr. P. Chomczynski

Noredol® removes redness from your face

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                                 Is rosacea an autoimmune disease?

Specialists have no doubt on this matter. Facial flushing, persistent flare ups of red spots on the forehead and nose, telangiectasias, eruptions of papules and pustules, and burning and itching sensations of the facial skin, all result from inflammation of facial skin that is autoimmune in nature. In the course of an autoimmune disease, for example in lupus, there is antibody production to self-tissues, and in the serum of patients with the disease antibodies against their own cells and organs can be detected. Likewise, in people with rosacea, antibodies directed against components of their own body’s cells, namely the nucleus and cytoplasm, have been also found. These self-tissue antibodies are detected in rosacea sufferers’ serum regardless of the course or severity of their rosacea: whether it is short lasting, recurrent facial flushing and redness, or stages including permanent red spots, papules and pustules, facial telangiectasias, swelling of the face, and itching and burning sensations of the facial skin. It is believed that antinuclear antibodies are the primary cause of the inflammatory changes in rosacea skin, and all aggravated symptoms of rosacea result from the time course of the progressive deepening of facial skin inflammation. (Read more about anti-nuclear antibodies in people with rosacea).

Our Noredol® gel is an excellent cosmetic for daily care of sensitive and over-reactive skin with signs of inflammation. In people suffering skin inflammation like in rosacea, Noredol® removes skin redness and prevents its flare ups, and at the same time reduces dramatically skin irritations and blemishes. This extraordinary improvement in health and appearance of the skin is a result of significant soothing of the skin and easing of the itching, burning and swelling of the rosacea face. The improvement progress very dramatically. As shown in dermatological tests, within a short three-week period Noredol® reduced facial skin inflammation by up to 86%, pimples by 77%, pustules by 88%, facial skin itching by 71%, and burning sensation by 81%. Even telangiectasias, or the mesh of extremely difficult to treat tiny blood vessels typically showing on the cheeks, nose and forehead of people with advanced rosacea, are being significantly reduced (approximately by 30%) (

All of these extraordinary properties of Noredol® are worth remembering as they make it a cosmetic of choice for facial flushing and red spots, papules and pustules accompanied by persistent flare-ups of redness, blemishes, itching and burning, or the unpleasant feeling of facial skin irritation and swelling.

Noredol® soothes and brings cool relieve.  Photo: Summer Breeze by Jan Barankiewicz


 Help your overreactive skin.   Pamper it with Noredol®.

Among people with different allergic diseases, up to 78% of them report incidences of side effects after using cosmetics. The most common causes of side-effects are face creams (56.4%), and up to 82% of the symptoms become persistent and acquire the status of hypersensitivity of the facial skin. As demonstrated in dermatological tests, for 14% of allergy sufferers this acquired facial skin hypersensitivity can lead to unpleasant, often severe skin reactions to certain cosmetic ingredients. (Read more about cosmetic ingredients that cause allergies.) Therefore, for people with allergies, the selection of appropriate cosmetic products, such that help maintain a healthy, beautiful skin without unpleasant side effects, becomes especially important.

We recommend our Noredol® gel as a daily cosmetic of choice for people suffering from allergic hypersensitivity of the skin. Noredol® perfectly soothes, nourishes and improves the appearance of facial skin with redness and blemishes, and skin irritated by swelling, itching and burning ( What is very important to note, our cosmetic does not contain parabens or fragrances, the ingredients often known as inducers and aggravators of hypersensitivity of the skin. Both, parabens and fragrances, are the most common cause leading to hypersensitivity and consequently to allergic reactions of the skin that manifest as inflammation, red spots, pimple blemishes, and often a burning sensation or persistent itching of the face. (Read more about cosmetic ingredients that cause allergies.)

Noredol® gel soothes the skin thanks to its unique, perfectly balanced formula of our proprietary Noredol® and natural plant extracts. (Check our website for list of Noredol® components). Noredol® does not contain compounds irritating to the skin that might sensitize the skin or accelerate skin aging. Noredol® is safe for daily cosmetic care of the skin and provides relief for all types of skin in women and men. Noredol® works very gently. As such, Noredol® does not irritate the skin, but helps maintain a beautiful, healthy and youthful complexion. It reduces the incidence of red spots, soothes irritations and blemishes, and helps to reduce periodic flare ups of facial redness that are typical for hypersensitive skin. Noredol® ideally relieves itching and burning of the facial skin, the often unpleasant signs of allergic skin inflammation.

Noredol® is a cosmetic you can rely on for your everyday healthy skin care. It is an effective and safe product for different skin types in women and men. Therefore Noredol® gel can be particularly recommended as a cosmetic of choice for daily care of hypersensitive skin, as in people with various allergies or in persons with rosacea or acne.





“With confidence based in our customers’ testimonials, we believe that our Noredol® gel is the cosmetic worth recommending for taking care of hypersensitive skin problems."

Noredol Mint Leaf derivative


appearance of skin stressed by redness and blemishes.

Gentle Formula for
All Types of Sensitive Over-reactive Skin

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Hypersensitive skin in rosacea. What is the cause?         

                                  HYPERSENSITIVE SKIN IN ROSACEA.

                                                        WHAT IS THE CAUSE?

There are more and more indications that in rosacea, like in allergies, a disproportionate immunological response to variety of stimuli leads to facial skin inflammation symptoms. What's more, it turns out that substances which normally protect the skin from infections and harmful environmental effects are responsible for the development of skin inflammation. In people with rosacea, they trigger a dramatic immune response that leads to facial skin symptoms such as recurrent or permanent redness, papules and pustules, and to the characteristic vascular lesions, known as telangiectasias, in advanced stages of this skin condition.

Our skin is constantly exposed to potential dangers, among them a variety of infections, sun exposure, emotional stress, hot and cold temperatures, strong wind, spicy foods, and coffee or tea, just to mention some of them.  Healthy people defend themselves through a system of appropriate receptors that recognize the danger and initiate the production of substances neutralizing the potentially harmful effects.  In rosacea, the protective substances start working as over-zealous guards, causing severe skin inflammation and thus inducing self-directed allergic reactions.  Normally, the protective substances, which are called cathelicidins, are in an inactive form, and they get activated only as needed.  In people with rosacea,  cathelicidins are excessively activated, and that in turn induces a dramatic immune response. This leads to inflammation and painful hypersensitivity of the facial skin in response to the challenges of some of the triggering factors. This happens even at the triggers’ threshold concentrations at which healthy skin does not react or responds proportionally to the intensity of the challenge (for example, a cup of coffee or a reaction to sunlight).

For people with rosacea, therefore, proper daily care that calms and soothes their hypersensitive skin symptoms remains the paramount concern. With confidence based on our customers’ testimonials, we believe that our Noredol® gel is a cosmetic worth recommending for care of hypersensitive skin problems. Noredol® is proven to soothe the soreness of over-sensitive facial skin, remove facial skin redness, papules and pustules, and improve facial subcutaneous blood vessels enlarged in the course of advanced stages of rosacea. What’s more, Noredol® works so well because it also reduces inflammation of the facial skin, the primary cause of rosacea symptoms ( As the skin improves and takes on a healthy appearance, quality of life also takes a good and happier turn. With a new and beautiful appearance comes a new well-being and self-confidence, all so necessary for a satisfying personal life and success at work.

Blazing Desert Sun


“I have just returned
from a one and a half months trip to the tropics.
During the trip I used Noredol successfully to treat mosquito bites and sunburn. I am really satisfied with Noredol
and would like
to order more.   

Best regards.“

 Lucia,  Germany

Noredol Mint Leaf derivative


appearance of skin stressed by
the sun irritation, redness, and blemishes.

Gentle Formula
for men and women with
all types of
sensitive skin

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        THE SUN.                                                                                       THE ENEMY AND FRIEND.

We like to stay in the sun.  We eagerly await summer, with sunny summer walks, the beach, and everything associated with a good time and a holiday tan.  Sunbathing is a very popular and cherished activity, although for some the reward of deep tan can be difficult to attain and may require a lot of effort and sacrifice.

Why do we like to sunbathe?  Are we pressured by custom and current fashion, or maybe there is something else that makes us do it?  Perhaps this something else is why we love sunbathing so much that a tan has become a universally desired attribute of beauty.

It turns out that with sun exposure, we get more than a desired tan. When our body in response to sunlight produces the hormone initiating skin tanning, simultaneously our brain releases endorphins, chemicals that make us feel satisfaction and happiness. This sun-induced surge of endorphins explains why tanning is a ritual that not only rewards us with a desired tan but also brings us a state of contentment and happiness to which we constantly desire to return. Experts compare such euphoric feelings to the state achieved by those succumbing to addictions, like in drug dependency. And just as in any addiction, sunbathing can achieve a state of satisfaction that over time leads to tanning addiction. Moreover, like in other addictions, those addicted to tanning can experience typical abstinence syndrome, the so called withdrawal syndrome when they cannot sunbathe and get their reward.

Modern psychology treats addiction as a state in which people feel compelled to engage in risky behavior that is beyond their control, and exactly the same happens in addiction to tanning.  On the other hand, it should be remembered that tanning is nothing other than a natural immune response of normal skin to the damaging UV rays of the sun or lamps in a tanning bed.  Tanned skin becomes an additional barrier and filter that protects DNA in skin cells against UV light damage.  And DNA damage is recognized as potentially the first step in cancerous changes of the skin, including changes resulting in melanoma.

Melanoma, a very aggressive skin cancer induced by tanning, affects approximately 2% of the population and this number continues to grow. Clinicians explain that the dependence of melanoma upon sunlight stems from the fact that the same ultraviolet sun rays causing sunburn also damage DNA (our genetic material).  It turns out that one hour exposure to the sun at noon, when its rays are strongest, produces up to 40,000 errors in the skin cells’ DNA.  And every mistake in the DNA structure potentially can turn a normal cell into the cancerous one.  Our body has mechanisms to protect and regenerate DNA when it is damaged. However, the destructive effects of the sun accumulate and even after many years they may remind us of hours spent at the beach.  It turned out that the cumulative effect of the sun’s ultraviolet rays destroy fibers in the skin called elastin. That makes the skin lose its elasticity: the skin starts to sag, collapse, and lose its ability to shrink back after stretching (wrinkles!).  This sun-induced skin damage, called photo-aging, does not show up right away but becomes apparent with the passage of years when it imposes on the natural changes appearing with the skin’s aging.

Of course, we cannot avoid contact with sunlight for the simple reason that we live on Earth where everything is driven by the sun as a source of energy for life from its very origins. Besides, we also depend on the sun in a positive way, such as for synthesis of vitamin D in our body. As usual, moderation and appropriate cosmetics to protect the skin against damages by the sun and taking care of skin affected by exposure to sunlight, are the best choices not only for a great vacation time in the tropics. These best recommendations also keep the skin’s young and beautiful appearance in everyday, year-round contact with the sun, our friend and our enemy.

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